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My Cinema Tools is dedicated to develop useful apps inspired by filmmakers and industry professionals


* Requires iPhone X or newer and/or iPad Pro for best results

Your creativity inspires us.

We could design and develop apps with features that we think you’ll like, but we know better.  We know that not everyone creates the same.  We take time to work with a community of creatives and industry professionals to learn how multiple people enjoy getting work done.  This process usually achieves better apps and helps us learn a lot more about our customers.

We Support our community

Ask us anything, even if it’s about other products!

You read that correctly.  As much as we hope you find the solution to your workflow in our products, we understand that there are other outstanding solutions on the market that we all use.  Ask us anything related to this industry, we are here to help.

Inspired by filmmakers

We develop clean and useful apps to help filmmakers on and off set.

Intuitive User Interface

Our apps feel familiar because they are designed by professionals that use them


Available Features

Familiar tools to remove obstacles and allow you to create

Create More with Pro

You can do a lot with the free version, but Pro unlocks more tools to assist your creativity

Color Decision Free

  • Single Project
  • Limited Stills
  • Limited Videos
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Color Decision

$23.99 for a limited time

  • Multiple Projects
  • No Limit on Stills
  • No Limit on Videos
  • Manual Camera
  • Various Camera “Log” profiles
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We want to hear what our customers have to say. Let us know how much you love using our apps or what we can do to improve them for you and the community.

About Us

We are a group of people from all corners of the world that share a passion for each and every step of the art of filmmaking.

We know that not one single frame of a production can make it to the large or small screen without the successful collaboration and efforts of the many dedicated individuals involved on and off set. Our approach to designing successful products is a simple one, ask the community what they need and involve them in the process to create a product that serves the whole of the community as best as possible. This process never ends. Once the products are delivered, we encourage your continued involvement to improve our products together. Each one of us at My Cinema Tools has dedicated many years to refining our craft. We take great pride in our experience and accomplishments in this industry but above all, our biggest honor is having an opportunity to give back to this global community.

Color Decision App

A fully ASC CDL compliant color correction suite in your pocket! Preloaded with an entire collection of looks to get you started, or create and share your own. Cross compatibility with other applications through CDL files.


Trouble with the App?

You can contact us directly through the app for help, or you can take a look below to see if any of your questions have been addressed

I can’t import a project?

Project archives are stored in “zip” container.  Please do not decompress the project file prior to importing.

ColorDecision hangs when I import a project?

Please make sure that the zip file is downloaded/available offline if it was shared with you via cloud storage solutions.

I can’t import my own 3D LUT files?

ColorDecision supports 3D LUT files in the 33x .cube format.  We are looking into adding additional formats at a later time.

My LUT name is cut off in the info view.

Currently there is only space available for 22 characters in this view.  The file name is not truncated, it’s only hidden to save space.

How can I import my own LUT files?

You can import your own LUT files by pressing the “gear” settings icon in the projects page of ColorDecision.  The first option is “Import LUTs”. You can import into any of the available directories, or create your own.

Am I allowed to use any of the included LUTs for my projects?

100% Yes!  Many of the LUTs are readily available from different camera manufactures online and their user license will apply.  We have created our own set of LUTs and will continue to add more in the future including some looks developed by top industry talent.

The included LUTs make my pictures and video look bad!

The majority of the LUTs available in the app are expecting a Full Range LOG signal.  If you are shooting with any of the popular LOG formats, you should find a LUT to work with your content.  If you are shooting with you phone, there is an entire workflow that we developed to help you match better with many primary LOG cameras on the market.


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We Support our community

Ask us anything, even if it’s about other products!

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